5 Amazing Movies and Shows About Outer Space That You Should Be Watching

When Neil Armstrong shuttled to space, it marked an impeccable journey that no man had ever dreamed of venturing into. This journey into space was NASA’s experiment to explore the world beyond earth and it was one of the biggest accomplishments for mankind. But there is still not much that people don’t know – how it all started, what all happens when you leave earth and more!

Hence, we recommend to you some of the best shows and films about outer sphere for all space enthusiasts, especially at a time when we are all locked up inside our house. These films and shows are all streaming on Disney+ Hotstar Premium.

The Right Stuff (2020)

The incredible journey of the Project Mercury 7 astronauts and their extraordinary achievements.

Watch the first ever trip to space by mankind – an unimaginable journey, 7 different flights, and a mission every man dreamed of.

Apollo 8: The Mission that Changed the World (2019)

Apollo 8 astronaut, Bill Anders sheds light on the incredible story of Apollo 8 and the environmental campaign that followed.

How about a documentary that will take you right back to when it all began?

The Armstrong Tapes (2019)

This Special uses Neil Armstrong’s interviews to craft an intimate look at one of the world’s greatest heroes.

Neil Armstrong’s is an icon for all the outer-space enthusiasts. This legend’s story went down in history and what better than living his life journey through him!

Space Shuttle: Triumph and Tragedy (2019)

This two-part documentary tells the inside story of NASA’s iconic spaceships. A story of the invention of the space shuttle and some of the greatest missions that followed.

For all of you seeking an adventure like never before, this documentary will take you back to the tragedies of our very own Kalpana Chawla and her team and what eventually led to the creation of the International Space Station.

A Year in Space (2015)

The film tells the story of what it takes to spend a year in space and has led NASA to understand what it means for humanity as we journey to Mars.

A real-life experience of what living in space would feel like, don’t miss this one – an unforgettable experience you can witness at home, still being a part of it.

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