Television reality show Bigg Boss’s Telugu version is as entertaining as it’s Hindi counterpart. With its latest twist, the Telugu reality show might get more interesting. Ee Rojulo actor Kumar Sai will be making a wild card entry into the show reviving some controversies, which means double entertainment for the viewers.


It is being speculated that Kumar has simply been called back into the house to save rival participants Monal and Laysa. So before Kumar’s fans go gaga over his re-entry, it should be considered that some netizens are claiming that organisers are making him re-enter the house to save their favourite contestants.

Followers of Kumar are very happy after news of his Bigg Boss comeback surfaced.

The theory speculates that without Kumar, the audience would have eliminated Lasya or Monal from the house in the coming week. Hence, Kumar fans should also consider the planned entry of their favourite actor. There is no doubt Kumar will be eliminated by next weekend since the reality show enters its climax.

According to News Deal, the rumors across the Bigg Boss 4 Telugu say that the makers are trying to right their errors by bringing in former contestants as wild card entries. Kumar is alleged to be one of these contestants to be making a comeback in Bigg Boss 4 Telugu home. However, no official announcement concerning the comeback of Kumar has been made.

The latest twist comes at a time when only a few days are left for the show to come to an end and all strong contestants are in the house. Kumar was eliminated from the reality show within its first two weeks.

The show is hosted by popular Tollywood actor Nagarjuna Akkineni. His daughter-in-law Samantha Akkineni hosted the show for an episode in the absence of Nagajuna.

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