Los Angeles: Actors Joshua Jackson and Kate Bosworth will play the lead roles in upcoming movie “Braddock”. The movie based on Greg Nichols book”Striking Gridiron”about the 1959 Braddock High School football team, reported Deadline.


It hails from Sports content studioGame1and Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson’s production label West2East Empire. Set at the time when Pennsylvania found itself in the throes of a crippling steel strike, the film follows the Braddock High team that provided hope to a small downtrodden steel town with its remarkable play and dogged pursuit of the all-time national high school winning streak under Coach Chuck Klausing.

Jackson, known for shows such as “When They See Us” and “Little Fires Everywhere”, will portray Klausing in the movie. Bosworth will essay the role of Klausing’s wife Joann.

The film will be directed by Gregory Caruso who will also adapt the script from Nichols’ book. “I’m incredibly motivated and honoured to be working alongside such a great group of people. Coach Klausing and his Braddock Tigers provided a much-needed escape from the harsh realities of life at the time.

“Now, more than ever, I believe audiences yearn for positive, truthful, and gritty stories that remind us not only of where we’ve been, but how we’ve responded and endured together,” Caruso said.

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