Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes


Justin Bieber confronted Shawn Mendes about his viral video from 2015 where he is seen asking about his ‘Monster’ trackmate. Check out a video here.

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  • Last Updated: November 21, 2020, 9:48 IST

After a video of pop star Justin Bieber from 2015 went viral, where he is seen asking ‘who is Shawn Mendes’, the former was seen clearing the air about it with his Monster collaborator during an Instagram live session recently.

After announcing their collaboration together, Monster, which is the second single off of Shawn’s new album, Wonder, Justin also had a little fun with his brand new trackmate as he earlier posted an old video from an interview where he asked “Who is Shawn Mendes?” after he was asked about him.

During their live interaction with fans, Justin was seen clearing the air about the same interview in which he claims he did not know who Shawn was. During their Insta live with fans, Justin says, “You know when I said ‘who is Shawn Mendes’, I really did not know. That was literally the first time I ever heard your name. I swear.” Shawn also has a laugh during Justin’s confession on live video and he adds, “I believe you.” The moment between the two is winning hearts of their fans on social media.

Talking about Monster, Justin and Shawn speak about ‘tripping’, ‘falling’ and ‘breaking down’ in their new song. Justin talks about his bad past as he opens up about being jealous. Further, talking about the bad moves he made at the age of 15 and how troubles started at a young age. He reflected at the phase when he felt demoralised and depressed in life when ‘everything hurt’ in life at the time. Shawn’s expressions are relatable as he also uses his space to look back at his coming-of-age.

Here’s Justin and Shawn’s Monster music video.

The song is receiving positive response from fans internationally.

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