5 things you should NEVER be guilty of asking your manager | The Times of India


Let’s face it. No matter how confident we may seem, our throats suddenly seem to dry up in front of our bosses. If we have something to say about the work culture, the extra work pressure etc. most of us can’t communicate clearly with the superiors at work. A feeling of guilt always creeps in, no matter what. But, you’re probably wondering why should you even feel guilty about it? Well, truth be told, workplaces have created an environment that almost forces all employees to succumb to the immense work pressure to be maintained at all times. Due to this, many countries’ workforce experiences severe burnouts issues and this does affect the overall productivity of the region. COVID-19 has severely impacted the work culture and has forced people to stress and work extra at their jobs. Surveys suggest that only a small population of managers think about their employees’ wellbeing. Now it’s time for all managers to pay special attention, especially about each of their mental health. For your understanding, we have listed the five things you should never be guilty about.

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