OCB™ Organic&Hand Made Navagraha Dhoop & Havan Kanda Made by Desi Cow Dung | 80Pic Dhoop in Box | No Chemical Used This Dhoop Agarbatti Incense Sticks (80Piece X 2Box)


Price: ₹ 1,330.00 - ₹ 599.00
(as of Oct 17,2020 01:35:42 UTC – Details)

Pure Sandal, Pure Ghee, Guggal, Rakta Chandan, Hawan Samagri, Camphor(kapur), Karpur Kachri, Raal, Akshat, Peepal, Ashwagandha, Jatamansi, Jau, Til, Sugandg Kokilo, Aak, Palas, Kher, Apamarga, Goolar, Shami, Durva, Darv, Devdaru, Agar, Tiger, Nagarmotha, Taj, Akalkara, Geru, Aam lakdi, Bel lakdi, Maida lakdi, Gomaya.
Physical Benifits: 1) If purifies the enviroment. 2) its smoke kills harmful bacteria present in the atmosphere thereby making healthy. 3) its ash can cure skin problem, wounds and pimpales. 4) Its smell is mild, sweet, healthy and promotes wisdom. 5) Ozone layer gets purified, strengthened and becomes healthy. 6) Small quantity of liquid residue of herbe after the Dhoop is totallly burnt can also cure skin diseases.
Spiritual Benifits: 1) Nine planets life of all human beingsare pleased. 2) All Goddesses and Vastu Devta gete pleased and becomes happy. 3) You can take better fast wise prudent decisions. 4) All your good wishes get fulfilled if you light daily morning and evening with full faith.
100% eco friendly & free from chemical & charcoal. It also creates a phenomenal amount of oxygen & also acts as mosquito repellent. Removes stress, anti-depressant, restores mental peace, improves health & Immunity. It gives fresh & clean air as it kill germs & bacteria in the air upon burning. Its holy smoke creates an aesthetic & spiritual environment by spreading positive energy around us & prevents unwanted bad energy & bad spirit from entering home.


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