PANTH Magic 360 Broom Dustpan Stainless Steel Sweeping Machine Hand Push Broom Handle Household Cleaning Broom Hand Push Sweeper Daily Necessities Sweeper Home Push Broom


Price: ₹ 1,299.00 - ₹ 699.00
(as of Oct 18,2020 06:39:04 UTC – Details)

PANTH Automatic Hand Push Sweeper 360-Degree Rotating Automatic Sweeping Machine

1. The hand-push sweeper is a new generation of sweeping products that combines the broom, the hoe and the trash can. 
It is easy to operate and has a dust-removing range in every corner of the house. 
You can put dust with a single push. Rubbish, hair and other garbage are swept away.

2. The handle is made of three-section high-strength aluminum alloy tube, which can be adjusted in length and length. 
It does not bend over when used, saving time and effort.
3. This product adopts three-roller brush, high-quality piglet, high-quality nylon and other materials to remove the dead corner and not damage the ground. 
Any hard flat floor (wood, plastic, marble, marble, tile, cement structure floor) can be used. Except for carpets.
4. This product does not require power, energy saving and environmental protection.
5. Fully enclosed storage box, no dust during cleaning, reducing dust growth
Sweeper Feature : 
Item Name : 360 Broom Sweeper
Color : RANDOM
Function Of Sweeping Machine : Broom+Dustpan
Length Of Sweeper Handle : 105cm(42inch)
This broom is fir for the hardened ground to use, for example wood floor, tile floor, marbled floor. Don’t use it to sweep Uneven ground Carpets, Foam Pad, etc. Not suitable for sweeping the stairs yet.
Fully enclosed storage, no suspended dust, ensures home cleaning and family health.
Material: PVC Plastic
Adjustable stainless steel handle, no need bend down, save time and energy.


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